Develop your city riding

Develop your city riding skills – Learn to ride in city traffic effectively and safely.

Duration: 4 hours – Max 5 students – Price: $195.00

Long Ride’s fully qualified instructor lead riding courses are combined with a secure safe training range and practical city riding experiences.

For riders who hold a current Learner Permit that require supervision* or current riders who would like to develop their practical city riding skills.

This training is specifically designed for riding motorcycles in the city. You will learn essential skills and road rules that will help keep you safe and build your confidence. We also off one-on-one training and can customise the course to focus where you need help.

*Riders must provide their own road-worthy motorcycle and riding gear for this course.

Your training and rides are fully insured for your safey.

You will devlelop your practical skills on a safe private training range and a 3-hour city road ride. The course covers but not limited to:

    • Balance and control.
    • Steering techniques.
    • Controlled ‘Quick stop’ Braking (training range).
    • Road positioning.
    • Cornering.
    • Defensive riding.
    • U-turns, starting and stopping in traffic and on hills.
    • Responding to hazards and developing your ‘crash avoidance space’ (training range).
    • Lane filtering – the rules and skills required.
    • General road rules to keep you safe and help eliminate fines.
    • Riding attitudes.
    • Obstacle Avoidance (Swerving – training range).
    • Lane changing and riding in multi-lane roads.
    • Riding in T-intersections and crossroads.
    • Riding in traffic and at slow speeds in congested areas.
    • Riding Posture and throttle control.

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  • You must have completed the Pre-Learner course (Pass a motorcycle knowledge test and pay for your license) or a valid RE or R licence to participate in the rider training.
  • Mobile training is availalble within 10km of Brisbane CBD (additional fees may apply for further distances, please contact us).
  • For mobile training please check availability for dates and times.
  • A 50% deposit is required prior to training.
  • Student’s motorcycle must be registered, insured and in a roadworthy condition.
  • Student’s riding gear must include fully enclosed shoes, long pants, motorcycle jacket, gloves and motorcycle helmet.