Pre-Learner to (RE) Restricted Licence Bridging Course

If you are new to riding and have just completed your Pre-Learner’s, this bridging course is highly recommended. 5-hours – $275.00

Maximum 3 riders to ensure optimum learning experience. Includes a combination of a secure safe training range and on-road riding.
After completing your Pre-learner’s course, you have three months of supervised riding to gain experience and improve your riding skills to be competent to pass your RE (Restricted) licence.

It is against the law to ride unsupervised on the open-road while holding your Pre-Learner licence. You must be supervised at all times when riding by a person who holds an open licence for the class of motorcycle you are learning to ride. If you do not know anybody that can supervise and help you with your riding, it can be difficult to gain on-road experience especially if you do not own a LAMS motorcycle

You do not experience real on-road riding with the Pre-Learner’s course, only simulated road riding on the training range.

You will be required to ride on the open-road to be competent for the RE (Restricted) course, so prior experience will be a massive advantage. By completing the Pre-Learner to Restricted Licence Bridging Course, you will gain the skills, confidence and the experience that will assist you with the RE (Restricted) course.

The course includes but not limited to the following:

  • A quick revision of the major points form the Pre-Learner’s course.
  • Balance and control.
  • Steering techniques.
  • Controlled ‘Quick stop’ Braking (training range).
  • Road positioning.
  • Cornering.
  • Defensive riding.
  • U-turns, starting and stopping in traffic and on hills.
  • Responding to hazards and developing your ‘crash avoidance space’ (training range).
  • Lane filtering – the rules and skills required.
  • General road rules to keep you safe and help eliminate fines.
  • Riding attitudes.
  • Obstacle Avoidance (Swerving – training range).
  • Lane changing and riding in multi-lane roads.
  • Riding in T-intersections and crossroads.
  • Riding in traffic and at slow speeds in congested areas.
  • Riding Posture and throttle control.

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  • You must have completed the Pre-Learner course (Pass a motorcycle knowledge test and pay for your license) or a valid RE or R licence to participate in the rider training.
  • Mobile training is availalble within 10km of Brisbane CBD (additional fees may apply for further distances, please contact us).
  • For mobile training please check availability for dates and times.
  • A 50% deposit is required prior to training.
  • Student’s motorcycle must be registered, insured and in a roadworthy condition.
  • Student’s riding gear must include fully enclosed shoes, long pants, motorcycle jacket, gloves and motorcycle helmet.