What is your sixth sense?

Source: Queensland Government – Join the Drive.
Your sixth sense is that unique instinct all riders share that helps us read the road, the conditions, the potential hazards and stay focused and in control. The more you hone and develop it, the better your chances are of surviving to ride another day.

The Motorcycle Fatal Five


The faster you go, the harder you hit. And on a bike,
you’ll always come off second‑best. The only thing
speeding gets you closer to is a crash.

Alcohol and drugs

Even small amounts of alcohol and drugs affect
your riding ability. Whatever anyone tells you,
there’s no such thing as a safe level


Riding tired affects reaction times and impairs
judgement. Take a break or don’t get on the bike if
you’re tired.


At 80km/h you travel 44m in just 2 seconds, so
stay focused and leave time and space to react.

Gear and maintenance

Look after yourself and look after your bike. The right gear and regular maintenance can save your life.